MarsBase: An Overview

MarsBase is a platform that allows cryptocurrency holders to trade and lend their tokens. The company buys users’ tokens at an agreed price, allowing users to exchange their cryptocurrencies for USD, EUR, or GBP in exchange for tokens. Users can also start a loan by contacting other MarsBase users with the amount of money they need and the terms they’re asking for. If someone accepts the offer, both parties will agree on the conditions and sign a smart contract to ratify it, implying that both parties must follow through on their promises.

MarsBase Platform

The MarsBase platform is a secondary market for trading and lending. It is the first crypto market for large crypto holders to liquidate or acquire positions of cryptocurrencies outside of the traditional crypto exchange.

MarsBase services

Large investors who can pay the costs can liquidate their positions in real-time and at a price they agree on. The market provides them with the tools they need to do so, allowing them to rapidly and profitably liquidate their holdings by selling or lending them to other market participants. MarsBase Trade will become the place to go for significant traders and holders in the crypto market, setting a new precedent.

MarsBase is the first cryptocurrency market for major investors who want to lend their holdings. They may convert their Bitcoin holdings into USD or GBP and lend out an equal amount of Bitcoin at up to 35% interest. By introducing aggregation capability to the platform, MarsBase Lending will significantly improve the liquidity situation while also increasing the bar for DeFi lending.

Other services offered by MarsBase include:

  • Asset management
  • Traditional fiat-crypto OTC
  • Fund aggregation and on-boarding
  • Security tokens
  • Mars privacy layer
  • LP token trading

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